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We often refer to “communication” as an important part of social interactions. The Internet of Things is about connecting all sorts of physical objects together and let them share data over the internet. Isn’t that ‘smart’? If you are in the market of smart functioning object, build in intelligent devices with integrated sensors, you are a computer cheap manufacturer or just interested in enabling data movement amongst object, then we invite you to benefit from the expertise and the quality-driven solutions we offer you. IOT security, analytics, device management, processors amongst our several fields of expertise are strictly structured and with standardized reference architecture under ISO/IEC 30141. Bring your ideas, your projects, your specifications and let us walk you through the process.

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The modern world is all about speed now. Fast cars, fast computers or fast internet commonly known as Broadband internet which has become the most used form of internet access in the recent years. Acquired mainly through DSL, fiber optic, cable, and satellite. These technologies considerably increase bandwidth and betters multitasking on the internet. You therefore will desire to switch to this form of internet access, whether for your company or at home, you might want to have a great internet experience for your teleworking, VolP telephony, all this through 4G/5G. At FokouTech, it is one of our mastered domains and we are proud to make available for you, our readymade solutions.

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If we compare date to currency today, we ought to know that it has become one of the most useful piece of information on the internet. With the evolution of the internet, the quantities of data required to be processed are getting huge. Electronic Data Processing (EDP) is that process that will help you manipulate, analyze, and store your data correctly. Our experts help you with models that can enable you to draw value from data processing whatever the process you are using, be it online processing, time sharing or multitasking. Automated data processing is one of the solutions we offer to enhance your data treatment and make you gain useful time.

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You are in Germany and you are able to communicate with your friend in the US? Thanks to telecommunication. The transfer of information securely through electromagnetic means like wire, radio with the least damage or loss. Counting amongst us highly experienced engineers with several years of application, we offer you quality-based solutions in a broadly spread domain of information technology. Not only do we help you in telecommunication software but also assembling components like terminals, telecommunication links and help you come out with complete build up LAN, WLAN, WAN using technologies like Cat6A.

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Data Science

What can someone do with data? Better sales, advertisement, stock market speculation? Indeed, the observed pattern of data gives a lot of useful and valuable information. Most clients in this domain are willing to leverage risk, to automate tasks, to assess, analyses and sort useful data from noise. To our clients with strict needs in terms of data solutions and management, we offer tailored and targeted value-based solutions to whatever complex data handling challenges. Our aim being to deliver set-to-use intelligible information and make our customers gain useful time for the numerous other task they may have.

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In today’s technology-centric world, where IP connectivity is driving business success, for many organizations, integrating remote sites into the corporate network is critical to maintaining their competitive edge. IP traffic covers much of an organization’s daily work, providing greater efficiency, lower operating costs and higher productivity.

Our services offer a unique combination of shared and dedicated bandwidth to support voice, data and video applications in enterprise networks. Our platform is easy to integrate into your organization with minimal disruption to your business. Our network efficiently supports all your voice, data and video communication needs with high network availability.



We see ourselves as "collaborative" partners with our clients and believe that our expertise plays a direct role in helping them achieve their goals. And if our track record is any indication, we are proud to say that our know-how and experience have often been acclaimed by our clients.

Our target market is the military who will use the services of our company to design and build prototypes for all branches of the French military with innovation and creativity. Our company is ready to take on any challenge they may face while offering them the best of the industry at a great price so that they can make their product affordable for the consumer.

We focus on the construction needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

Our target market is corporate clients, providing litigation support to law firms and other legal service providers. We are committed to providing high quality services at competitive prices, while always putting our clients' needs first

Be prepared for your financial future

Our target market is healthcare providers who are tired of their current provider's system or are looking for a new solution that would help them grow their practice and keep the patients they care for happy.

Our hotel and leisure clients are looking to increase brand and product awareness, improve the overall customer experience and increase revenue.

Our products are designed to help governments of all sizes and industries, in both the private and public sectors, improve their decision making. Our solutions are designed to improve transparency, accountability and collaboration within the organization to achieve your goals.

Today, the automobile is an integral part of most people's daily lives. It is also a major business, employing millions of people around the world. The automotive market is worth more than $1 trillion in sales and is growing steadily each year.


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